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YASS “Night Wire” LP & YC-CY “Todestanz” LP

May 17, 2017

YASS   “Night Wire”  LP                  (XM-110)

Release-Date: July 07, 2017                                                         yass_nightwire

The sophomore album by Germany’s Noise-Punk sensation, featuring members of KURT and  TEN VOLT SHOCK

A perfectly symbiotic mix of Noise-Rock and Cyber-Punk with pulsating beats. Spectacular and furious! References? BATTLES, LIGHTNING BOLT, FRONT 242, VAZ, (early) DAF, TRANS AM, CHROME… Maybe all of this, yet a sound of its own!

“No other band has sounded like this before!” (OX Fanzine)

“Energetic Noise-Rock, that’s not only highly entertaining, but equally as danceable. Both thumbs up!” (

“The propulsive Teutons have history with one of our favorite German bands of the modern era, Ten Volt Shock, and this new Yass stuff is phenomenal too. Weird electronics permeate what is otherwise a tight, weirdly paranoid fast underground guitar rock album.” (Wäntage USA)

10 tracks on vinyl, with download-code included!

A joint effort from -273°C, SALON ALTER HAMMER and X-MIST


All pre-orders will ship at date of release – and come with a FREE COPY of “Things That Might Have Been” CD-version included!


YC-CY   “Todestanz”  LP                  (XM-109)

Release-Date: June 20, 2017

Second full-length album by this band from Schaffhausen/Switzerland.

Described in reviews as a distorted dirty bastard conjuring a crazy tumor out of sounds reminding of KARP, BUTTHOLE SURFERS, RORSCHACH, BORN AGAINST, KILLDOZER, BIG BLACK, UNSANE (just to mention some of the heavyweights that come to mind…). Like a slap into the faces of all those claiming that there can’t be any new music coming anymore, and it’s all been heard before…

And now they have even further developped their sound, with an “Industrial” alike appeal on this new album. But don’t get it wrong: It’s not Industrial, or Noise-Rock. It’s Hardcore fused with Noise-Rock and Industrial into their own unique sound!

Any more refertences needed? Fans of THE LOWEST FORM, CULT RITUAL, SEX VID, PYGMY SHREWS or SHIT AND SHINE should check this out! It’s not exactly similar in sound or style, but in the vein of being equally as raging, over-the-top intense, and nihilistically brutal. Dystopia, desolation, despair… Dance of Death (what’s actually the translation of the  german album-title)