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New from X-Mist: YC-CY “béton brut” LP & GAD WHIP limited 7″

May 22, 2019

YC-CY  “Beton Brut” LP – order05records/X-MIST

The third full album from Switzerland’s YC-CY. A third album is always a good indication wether a band has the potential to develop their own sound and style, or will remain in stagnation. YC-CY definitely belong to the latter ones, constantly evolving and progressing. Actually it was already evident with 2nd LP “Todestanz”, but with this new third album, they’re going even further and deeper into the most ferocious Noise-Rock territories. An outstanding, incomparable, fierce and monstrously furious attack, where sinister post-Industrial thunder meets with Hardcore roots, infected with some of the most infernal and terrifying noise-sounds ever put onto vinyl, that’ll make your speakers blast and your ears bleed…

You can check it out here:








New limited edition single by Yorkshire’s GAD WHIP. A one-time pressing of 150 copies only, on thick 180g-vinyl, with two inserts included, featuring photo, lyrics, download-code, and individually designed collage-art with each copy!

“Ward 24”, still bound to vocalist Pete Davies’ semi-spoken psycho-rambling, has a distinctly melodic lilt to its minimal dub-rock underpinning, whilst “Trademark” is pure and catchy Post-Punk bluster, mainlining straight to the late night dancefloor of a seedy basement club already cracking with the strain of music not especially designed to be danced to… something like THE FALL meets FUGAZI, eh?! The nods towards subtle experimentation of their longer works may well have been lifted, or abandoned altogether, but Gad Whip know exactly how to utilise the single format to the best of its potential.