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January 31, 2015


ROOM 101  “Vox Humana”  3Song 7″EP incl. download-code, released on BEAU TRAVAIL/X-MIST

Brandnew and totally cool new EP! ROOM 101 matches the statement of Jason Williamson of the SLEAFORD MODS „I used to be in bands, fucking hated it“: This is ONE MAN recording and playing everything on this three song EP – and it’s no less than a FUCKING POWERHOUSE!
No hackneyed cliche of Hardcore, like most of contemporary bands do! You’ll get a thrilling mixture instead: Thrashing hardcore like with „Exterminate Adult Thinking“, a both raging and catchy song like „Drone Wars“, and last not least the odd funky Post-Punk song „Boiys” on the B-side. Like the debut EP of ROOM 101, this is a jam-packed and challenging record! Reminding of the best aspects of 80s Hardcore bands like BIG BOYS or REAGAN YOUTH, a great voice in the vein of Sam McPheeters or the young Keith Morris, but it’s also slowed down and irritating (with the Wurlitzer organ or womans yelling in „Boiys“)… Expect the unexpected.

References if you like: Similar in sound & style to current Hardcore/Punk bands like AUDACITY and PAMPERS, with a touch of MEN’S RECOVERY PROJECT and a piece of Mr.QUINTRON… Hailing from the city as the comparable BUCK BILOXI, but definitely more thrilling than that one…

Comes in proper heavy cardboard-cover, with lyric-sheet, mini-poster and download-code included. Artwork by the infamous Winston Smith, the man who designed most of the DEAD KENNEDYS covers and invented the DK-logo.