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HIKING 7”Vinyl Single incl. Download – OUT NOW!

March 24, 2011

Once in a while, every 2 or 3 years, we here at X-Mist still feel like releasing a new record as well. But only if we think it’s something special! And if you don’t agree, feel free to think what you want, but keep your unqualified opinion for yourself and stick it up your ass.

Of course we could as well kiss the asses of currently hip and trendy bullshit-acts, ask them to give us two worthless songs for a single-release… But we’ll leave that to the other 100 or 200 labels, existing solely for the purpose of boosting the egos of their image-neurotic owners.

Or easy enough, dig out some longtime forgotten crap, that should have been better buried forever, claiming it’s a “classic from way back when“, and the world of wannabes would eat it up, just because they’re so desperate and need to recapture a time they didn’t experience first-hand, and will never really understand anyway.

So, fuck you all! Here’s a new single by a band called HIKING, check it out – Or ignore it, since ignorance is the glue keeping together your complacency anyway.

HIKING “Trenches/Bikini Atol”  7″vinyl incl. mp3-code  (XM-098)

From Los Angeles, featuring members of BAD DUDES, BIPOLAR BEAR aka TURRKS, and SILVER DAGGERS. Recorded at Big Fish Studios, San Diego. With a bandname like this, we simply had to release a record with these guys! Hiking is our favourite hobby (in the summer, and ski-touring in the winter), so we just couldn’t resist. No, for real. Ute says their music reminds her of SUPERCONDUCTOR. That’s awesome, since this is one of our all-time favourite bands! But who the fuck can remember this incredibly great band from Vancouver? (Check out their fantastic “Hit Songs For Girls” album if you can…)

But then we also agreed on another pretty fine description: HIKING sounds like “STEEL POLE BATH TUB meets LES SAVY FAV“! Someone else who didn’t have a clue who or what this is, said it sounds like “a LES SAVY FAV song interpreted by KARP” – And if all that means nothing to you, then you may think of something being stuck somewhere in between DEERHOOF and DEERHUNTER

Strictly available worldwide to anyone showing interest – We pressed 500 copies, making sure the supply will last forever!

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