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The next new hype

July 23, 2009

After this LO-FI Garage-Trash thing is now being played to death by thousands of bands and projects, and getting worn out (uh well, I know at least one guy who will never get enough of it, since he has channelled down his musical taste to just this one thing)… The next new hype will be the return of COCK-ROCK! Testosterone-fuelled duuuuuudes, lots of long hair, waving fists, rocking their balls off resp. their dicks hard, and all that shit. I’m damn sure about it, and will take any bet on this.

BIPOLAR BEAR limited edition 4Song-7″EP

July 21, 2009


An all new and exclusive 7″ by BIPOLAR BEAR from Los Angeles, released on the german label LABIL Org.! A limited edition of 300 handnumbered copies with two-color silkscreened sleeves.

The EP contains 4 new tracks (titles: Manbase/Bangers And Mash/Tiny Desert Tree/Dead Lunch) with a blasting sound, being in the vein of the INTELLIGENCE and CRASH NORMAL, with nods to the A FRAMES, like a more fuzzy rocking version of the MAE SHI, like a twisted crazed-up version of MONORCHID, and also reminiscent of sadly forgotten 90’s classics like HARRIET THE SPY… Now if this doesn’t sound like something that will attract you, then probably you stumbled across this blog by pure coincendence while searching for another porn-site…

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