Cool blogs and being EN VOGUE!

It’s amazing to see how many blogs give praise to the latest “lo-fi” wave. And it makes you wonder “Hey, how come there’s so many people now into all this stuff?” But then you realize that it’s almost exactly the same people that didn’t give much shit about these bands when they were really new (…back then when those released their very first records). So it’s just a whole bunch of bloggers hopping onto the latest hip trend for being with the cool ones. And despite the easy access to worldwide communication, the crucial question remains still the same: Who and where are the ones to be smart enough to really explore and discover new bands? And I don’t see much raise in the grade of this sort of intelligence on the internet…

Does this sound arrogant? Well, maybe… But it’s just simply based on experience: When I was offering the first record by this or that new band, a common reply was like “Uhm, no, it’s not exactly my kind of thing”. But then 2 or 3 years later, the same people say “Oh yeah, another great new single by our favourite band…” – even if the stuff is not halfway as exciting or original as it used to be. The world is full of stupid pricks, that will not go see a band playing live, ‘coz their too chickenshit that it may be only 5 more people coming… But years later, when the band has gotten more exposure and they’re playing halls, then of course those dudes will claim to be “fans right from the start”. I’ve seen that happening more than a hundred times. And it wouldn’t bother me, if those dummies (and not me) weren’t such know-it-all arrogant assholes.

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